Friends Of Spurn Membership

Friends Of Spurn- Individual Lifetime Guardian Membership

£500.00 Inc P&P

Spurn Bird Observatory has always been managed by volunteers and is entirely self-funding, the gate money visitors pay is to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and the observatory receive no part of this, thus our income is limited.

We have recently opened our new modern observatory that fully complements Spurn’s position as the number one observatory in the country. One with excellent facilities for the use of visiting birdwatchers and other naturalists, somewhere every birder wants to visit. However to do this we had to take on a mortgage and really need the support of the wider birding community to help reduce this as quickly as we can.

Please think of all the good days and fond memories you have of Spurn, and help us in this challenge by becoming a “Friend of Spurn Bird Observatory”.
In return we will:
•Send you a free annual report
•Provide you with reduced price accommodation £20 instead of £24 per night
•Keep you up to date with bird news and events
•Send out regular newsletters
•Provide privileged access to the Kew villa, Church field and the Corner field viewing areas.